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At cabtrader you can advertise your black cab taxi or private hire car absolutely free

Do you have a Black Cab Taxi ?

Do you have a Private Hire Car ?

Are you a Cab Taxi Driver ?

Do you own a Cab Taxis Hire Firm ?

Do you provide a service to Cab Taxi Drivers or Hire Firms ?

Then you have come to the right place….

We are a regional, national and global cab and private hire advertising and networking web portal. We help people from different backgrounds and locations to meet and network with each other. The cab drivers web portal is a unique mechanism for cab and private hire drivers to buy, sell and rent vehicles. Cab drivers can build a relationship with other colleagues, locations and businesses that can improve their lifestyles and meet their personal work needs at the click of a button on their phones or PCs.

The web portal has been developed so that it is easy to use and is split into the following headings :-

  1. Buy Sell Rent Black Cab Taxi
  2. Buy Sell Rent Private Hire Car
  3. Buy Sell Ex-Taxi Cars
  4. Buy Sell Damaged Cars or Taxis
  5. Buy Sell Private Cab and Taxi Hire Bases
  6. Buy Sell Standard Cars
  7. Buy Sell Car Parts
  8. Drivers Wanted for Cab and Taxis
  9. Latest News

Further Benefits:

Hundreds of Users

Taxi drivers or traders are searching the net to find a good deal to buy a Taxi or Private Hire car. You are becoming a user and a potential customer in the trade.


You can add or edit your Taxi advert anytime without the difficult process. It take less than five minutes to place a Taxi ad.


We take our business seriously that’s why we offer a free Taxi advertisement as it gives our customers the chance to reach out to other drivers to enhance and accelerate their business.

We will be looking to continuously improve and develop the cab and private taxis web portal based on feedback from our customers, clients, businesses and yourself.

We will look to assist all our cab and private taxi hire drivers in any way we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us.